Bodyslang was a project during my days as a senior student.

The brief was to pick an existing problem in our daily lives as users and to solve it.

I choose to solve the lack of body-language (non-verbal communication) and social anxiety.  






Whenever people needed an advice for "how to act in this kind of scenario" such as interviews or lectures and even dates, most of the people's answers are: "just be yourself, it'll work out".

Eventually, I came to realize that "just be yourself" is not enough and that we can improve our 

non-verbal communication in order to pass on our information the best way possible.

I noticed that body-language is something that many people lack knowledge of.

A good Body-language is essential in our daily life.

Therefore - Bodyslang.






Bodyslang is a mobile app that lets the users improve their body language.





With an interactive interface and a smart "AI algorithm". The app is based on 5 basic body parameters that will help the user understand the feedback.

Hands, Legs, Voice, Posture, Eyes.